This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

This "accordion" of pictures Is the cartoon story. It's easier for my to draw the story rather than write it. 

so I started With the cover. the name. It has been changed to "The tale of Droidmonkey".
 this blog's header is the logo.
then I continued at the beginning, the first shot. I add details if its relevant to the story, so some panels are almost blank. to this point I have 13 shots, about 63 panels. I do them at night while watching old shows, like "Remington Steele". (If you are less then 30, most likely don't know about this show)

 The accordion shape is for easy attaching, folding and reading. only problem is to folded back if it just 
opened, like in the pictures, so for now this is it. I'll post some more about the story.

thanks for reading.