FLIP THAT SWITCH (a small tutorial)

I just finish the 4th shot background. the background it self is simple.
A switch on the wall.
the switch itself would be animated therefor wont be in the background.
the background is a little dark.
the start of the story is in a mad scientist's lab, it should have an atmosphere of evil and dark.
so I started in Photoshop by painting the wall in color (#cab0d5)   (every color is about 60% +\- saturation),
and on a new layer, I dirty it up with a little darker shade and a soft brush with opacity of 30% and flow of 30% and started brushing it softly in an "N" shape movement. I then applied oil painting filter on the dirt.
the middle plate I colored it with (#808dab)  Then I created the shadow bellow. a simple box a few pixels bigger than the plate and using the bluer brush to blur it slightly.
I selected  the plate, and on a new layer painted an almost white shade of the plate color. I moved the selection rectangle slightly down and to the right, and pressed Del, used the bluer brush in one stroke to give it a soften adage. same thing to dark side, only the selection rectangle moves right and up.
the shine is (on a new layer) just white color in a oval lightning like, shape with blurred adages and layer opacity is 14% (because it still a dark shot with slight light.). the rivets are simple process, with the circle selection tool chose the size of the rivet, painted in black on a new layer shrink the selection  by 3 then colored it in the color of the rivet. shrink it more, color it in a darker shade of the rivet. shrink it again an d move it to the top left, colored it in a bright shade of the rivet color and use the blur brush a bit.
the rest is a repetition only with a different colors.(#515a6f)(#ded86c) .  In a new layer
all over that, with a soft brush withe 30% opacity and flow, I started layering it lightly and using gaussian blur filter. the bottom of the picture should be slightly lighted.
hope it helped some one. (sorry  if It's not clear).