Version 2 of the character.
These are the characters of my cartoon.
The first one is Dr. Sarmolee.
Dr. Sarmolee

Dr.Sarmolee, Is your garden variety  mad scientist.
Hes a robotic expert (well he sees himself as one).
He speaks in east European accent, he's short but thinks a lot of himself. he's always right even if he's catastrophically wrong.
He has build him self robotic minions, which are disposable.
If is evil plans ever soccssid, it will be because there was no one to stop him or they are worse then him.  

The second one is Dgoer

Dgoer is his assistant. He's the forth attempt (Agoer, Bgor, Cgoer, didn't make it and he didn't want to get to Egoer, to many of those around.)
He's a combination between The Addams Family's Larch and a standard Egoer.
He doesn't say much, but he's strong, tall and docile.

The last one Dimo

He's a surprise, don't know what he'll do next.
He can stretch is limbs and tail. he can collapse him self like a turtle. 
And that's it for him. 

good bay and good night.