I'm not one for reviews but the Boxtrolls movie was great.


The story was well written A little bit dark and humerus, and quite cheese-centric.
they use hats and color to show the desire of one horrible-red-hat-wearing person to become like, cheese-eating-white-hat-wearing upper class and what he will do to get there.

now, the animation. amazing, the movement the staging the design everything.
I could not find words to describe. It's smooth fit to the character and looks great with the clothes and skin that to me seemed slightly translucent a spicily around the ears. that gave them a more realistic look.  
the way the trolls moves with their boxes was awesome it looked liked they use the boxes a lot.
the use interesting fabrication Technics.

I just wish The had more hummer and plot twist.

I hope this "review" was o.k. not to babbling or not understood.
I tried to tell what I like with out telling every thing. I'll do better next time
so watch the movie.