Welcome all the my brand new site. I’ve been working on what I want to put in my site for years, just a few months ago I finally decided on this
(it’s a beta test for eternity)
I hope to post all the things I’m doing with pictures. (sound slightly strange). To start it all I have a new speed drawing video: cute rabbit shirt design

the result of the video you can buy in:

I started to do art for stickers although some of them can go on shirts and stuff.
The three I started with arean health potion a mana potion and a cute demon girl pout.

One last thing I working of a few coloring pages to sell on Etsy, I uploaded only one, but I have a few drawings I need to do the line art and maybe some of my older art or fanart will become pages as well.
So I hope you’ll enjoy my art and please go read my comics 

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