I’m working on page 8 of the 2nd chapter of my webcomic DEADHUNTER
The story it self is simple. Jonee Von Bon is a new A.B.R agent a retrieval specialist. Afterlife Bureau of Retrieval is an agency that mange the after life.
Their job is to make sure no soul will escape.
Jonee is one of the agents that are responsible to retrieving any escaped souls through time and space.
The story starts on his first day on the job.
this pictures are work in progress of the 8th page of chapter 2.
The first picture is the sketch of the page. I take the script I wrote and lay it out on an A4 simple printer paper.
no measurement no accuracy just the drawing.

I use an A3 225g/m^2 (105 lbs) paper for the finish page.
I use an 2b pencil for the rough drawings, an 2b 2 mm grabber mechanical pencil (old one) an a 0.5 mechanical pencil with 2h lead.
I start with the hardest parts on the page and move from there. After the penciling stage is over I ink traditionally with a DELTER dip pen and ink.
Depending on a few factors I can finish a page a day.
I don’t finish one a day because I have two more webcomics a youtube channel, i work on some designs I sell on shirts and stuff and I’m trying to do some traditional animation even if the drawings rough and inconsistent. as long as the animation comes through.


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